Burma Visa for US Citizens

Insider guide and tips of how to get Burma Visa for US citizen no matter where you stay.

Visiting Burma either for the tourist or business purpose, US citizens need to have a solid visa. There are many ways now to apply for a Burma visa since the Burmese government have opened different channels. 

Visa types 
Tourist visa is only applied for travel/ tourism only. This visa is valid for 28 days stay without posibility to extend. However, you can pay for over stay fee which is $3/ day when you exit the country.
Business Visa is applicable for 70 days stay for those who will work in Burma. Especially, if you want to have working permit, business visa is the first condition. 

For both types of visa, you will need a passport with at least 6 months validity from the time you enter the country ( not the time you apply for visa), documents relating to your travel or work.

Apply Visa Online

Either tourist or business visa, you can apply online. No matter where are you, it is feasible for all US citizens.
Before you apply, please check the visa requirement here
This is the fastest way to get visa. It can be as fast as 4 working hour !

To apply for Myanmar Visa on arrival, please follow this button: 

                                                                                                               apply visa

When you apply for visa, after choosing the processing time, you will receive 1 document issued by  Immigration Department and Tourism Department stating Visa On Arrival. The next stop is to print this document and bring with you to Myanmar, you will have visa at on arrival counter.

Visa on arrival is applicable for the arrival to Yangon, Mandalay, Nay Pyi Daw Airports and some Thailand - Myanmar border check points

Apply Through Burma Embassy
This is only when you are in US and having time to visit the Embassy or Consulate.
There are 2 cities you can do it : Washington DC and New York. 
To get the full contact of Burma embassy in the US, please check Burma Embassy Overseas

 Myanmar Visa Team is available for any question you may have about your travel to Myanmar. Do not hesitate to contact us at support@myanmarvisa.org


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