Update visa procedure for travelers from different countries all over the world
Fast Myanmar Visa In order to help travelers obtaining Myanmar visa in some urgent cases, we have launched the Fast Myanmar Visa Service. This special service allows you to get visa from 1 day to few hours. It can be as fast as 2 hours working or even less. 
Myanmar Tourist Visa For all travelers who come to Myanmar for purpose of tourism, a Myanmar Tourist Visa is a must. This guide helps you to know the best procedure to apply Myanmar Travel/ Tourist Visa
Myanmar Business Visa  We are pleased to inform that Business Visa is now available for online applying. The Online Business Visa requires invovlement from the hosting organization, so please let your information be checked against by the inviting company. Before applying for one, you are requested to understand bellowing guides and terms:
Myanmar Visa Application Form These are some examples for Myanmar Visa Application Form. These forms may vary according to the different embassies.
Please make sure you have all the information required as well the valid passport before applying for Myanmar Visa either through embassy or online system. 
For various purposes, you can contact us for other visa form like Journalist visa, education visa form, religious visa form, etc. 
Myanmar Visa Exemption List There are certain cases that you do not need to have Myanmar for visiting for a fixed duration. Citizens from the following countries are listed in Myanmar Visa Exemption List
Myanmar Visa Guide All the travelers are asked to obtain Myanmar Visa before you board the flight to enter the country.
If you apply for visa on arrival, you must have visa approval letter which proves that you will have visa at the airport.


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