How to apply Myanmar Visa Online

Full explaination of how to get Myanmar Visa online and the advantages of this method. Check out this important article

Myanmar Visa Online is known as Pre-arranged Visa on Arrival which allows you to obtain Myanmar from home without visiting Embassy or consulate of Myanmar.
This type of visa is applied for all travelers with different visiting purposes and all work by emails and totally easy.

Who can apply Myanmar Visa Online:
- Travellers who plan to visit Myanmar for 28 days ( with extension posibility of 14 days)
- Travellers from all countries in Asia, Europe, Australia,  American and Africa.
- Travellers who are not listed in visa exemption list including: Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia 

Advantages of applying Myanmar Visa Online:
- No need to visit Myanmar Consulate or Embassy
- No need to queue, apply all the time including weekends, no limit of working hours.
- No need original passport, simply information.
- Easy to pay by credit card, visa card online through secured system.
- Applicable for major ports of Entry: Yangon and Mandalay.
- Very fast: from 2 to 10 working days only                  

Myanmar Visa online by steps:
1. Submit information on the visa form
2. Receive email with visa approval document, print out
3. Board the flight to Myanmar, present the printed document, get visa sticker at Visa on Arrival Counter
Note: visa sticker ( visa stamp) is included in our service so you do not pay any extra fee.

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