Update Myanmar travel news featuring practical information that you may need for your travel covering visa news, communication, accommodations, transfer and many useful travel tips. For business travelers, you may also find here many articles that are interesting for your business plan as well cooperation in Myanmar.
Mandalay Travel Attractions Being the northern hub of Myanmar, Mandalay boasts stunning cultural and natural wonders. There are so many things to keep you occupied as well entertained in this cultural wealthy city.
Mandalay is a characterful city. It boasts a beautiful mixture of ancient sites, developing modern architects blending with fascinating markets. To start planning your travel itinerary, check out the top Mandalay Travel Attractions :
Dawei Day Tours Dawei is a beautiful travel spot in southern Myanmar. It has a big number of unspoiled beaches, pristine nature and authentic local traditional works. These top Dawei Day Tours are the ultimate suggestion to spend your days in the area
Nay Pyi Daw Tourist Attractions Nay Pyi Daw is a busy capital with many colorful sightseeing spots. The city has various pagodas, temples, museums await your exploration. To start a trip, it is advisable to keep this following Nay Pyi Daw Travel attractions to your bucket list
Burma Photo Tour This Burma Photo Tour shows you more than just the beauty of Myanmar in landscape. On the touring days, you`ll have chance to shoot the unique cultural scenes and Unesco Heritage Sites. Our expert photo tour guide will help you selecting the best sites and time to shoot. 
Yangon to Bagan By Train Traveling by train is one of the most authentic way to appreciate the landscapes of north Myanmar as well having cultural interact with local people. The rail journey from Yangon to Bagan is not an exception. Additionally, train travel is also cheap.
Here is the basic information you should know about the train from Yangon to Bagan
Top Unusual Yangon Travel Experiences For first timer, a visit to Shwedagon pagoda is a must, same as Yangon downtown. However, for those who expect something different from classic sightseeing, Yangon has something to seduce you. 
These unique experiences are hardly mentioned in any Yangon Travel Guide or suggestion for Yangon 3 days and you should try at least one of them :
Yangon 3 Days Itinerary Yangon is the premier internatiol port for a trip to Myanmar. The city is bustling with its modern vibe yet still has intrigue characters remaining from the past. It is a perfect place to uncover Burmese culture.
There are many ways to explore Yangon. While a weekend 2 days in Yangon is good for an onward travel to the north, these 3 days Yangon itineraries offers an indepth discovery of the city :
Myanmar Tour Packages for India Travelers Myanmar is a great travel destination for Indian Travelers. With long borders and 3 international flights, Indian visitors can easily explore the country. Since 2015, the Online Visa systems offers so much advantages for Indian citizens to visit the country. 
Here are some great deals for Myanmar Tour Packages designed for India travelers :
Kalaw Travel Itinerary Kalaw is a spectacular hill station in Shan State. It is famous for the picturesque trekking trail that leads to Inle Lake. However, Kalaw has more than that to offer. 
To plan better your Kalaw Tour, here are our recommendation for Kalaw Travel Itinerary including options with 2 days and 3 days trip :
Burma Luxury Travel Amongst the stunning destinations in Southeast Asia, Burma differs itself by the varied temple landscapes, sealed culture and unique characters boasting from each region. The country becomes more and more alluring for luxury travelers who seek for a styled experience in comfort. There are more high end hotels as well beautiful services while the destination remains it charm with incredible luxury experience.
This is our short guide for Burma Luxury travel for first timer :


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