Myanmar Visa Exemption List

There are certain cases that you do not need to have Myanmar for visiting for a fixed duration. Citizens from the following countries are listed in Myanmar Visa Exemption List

1. For Ordinary Passports :


All the passport holders from these country can travel to Myanmar without visa for 14 days. 
If your travel plan is longer than 14 days, you need to apply for Myanmar Visa. The tourist visa can be valid up to 28 days while business visa lasts for 70 days stay. 

2. Visa Exemption Pilot Program

This program permits citizens from the following countries to travel to Myanmar within 30 days without Visa
South Korea
Hongkong, China
Macau, China

Special note: 

For Singapore passport holder, if you have for tourism purpose for less than 30 days, there is no need of visa. However, your purpose is to do business, it is compulsory to apply for business visa. 

If your passport is not in the Visa Exemption List 

There are 3 ways to apply for Myanmar Visa :
- Apply through an embassy. For those who has access to a Myanmar Embassy, you can apply directly with the Embassy. You will be given a Visa form to completet and pay certain visa stamp fee. 
- Apply for Evisa : for this option, you can simply click on the apply for Myanmar Visa and fill up all the information needed. This method requests no actual passport, all the process are online and the visa letter will be sent to your email.
- Apply for Visa on Arrival : this option is for only travelers who book Myanmar Tour Packages. The local travel agency in this case will help you obtaining the visa at the airport with a special letter called Visa on Arrival Approval. 


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