Myanmar Visa Tips

Tips to get Myanmar Visa from your country and some preparation to make all visa steps smoothy

Obtaining Myanmar Visa is compulsory for any visit to this Golden Land country. With experience in offering tour packages, travel services and making visa for years in Myanmar, we highlight recommend you to read Myanmar Visa Tips gathered by our visa experts :

Useful Myanmar Visa Tips :

- Applying Myanmar visa normally takes from 1 to 5 working days depending on the place you submit. 

- You can get visa in 1-2 day if you go to Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok or only 1 days if you apply rush visa with us

- Be advised all embassies and governmental department do not work on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 
  Online system of is still working 7 days/ week.

- Only travel agencies, tour operators with official license in Myanmar can offer Myanmar Visa on arrival.

- You need to prove the first night stay with hotel or flight booking mentioned as itinerary to apply for Myanmar Visa.


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apply from us  Apply Myanmar Visa in USA uk Obtain Myanmar Visa in UK
australia Apply Myanmar Visa in Australia  thailand  Myanmar Visa from Thailand
 andorra  Apply from Andorra  austria  Apply from Austria
 belgium  Apply Myanmar Visa in Belgium  brazil  Apply from Brazil
  Myanmar Visa from Brunei  bulgary  Apply from Bulgaria
 cambodia  Apply from Cambodia  canada  Apply from Canada
  Myanmar Visa on Arrival from Colombia  apply visa from chile  Apply from Chile
 china  Apply from China  croatia  Apply from Croatia
 czech  Apply from Czech  denmark  Apply from Denmark
 egypt  Apply from Egypt  estonia  Apply from Estonia
 france  Apply from France  finland  Apply from Finland
 germany  Apply from Germany  georgia  Apply from Georgia
greece Apply from Greece hongkong Apply from Hongkong
 iceland  Apply from Iceland  indonesia  Apply from Indonesia
 india  Apply from India  ireland  Apply from Ireland
 italy  Apply from Italy  japan  Apply from Japan
  Myanmar Visa from Latvia    
 laos  Apply from Laos  malaysia  Apply from Malaysia
  Myanmar Visa from Mongolia    
 korea  Apply from South Korea  malta  Apply from Malta
  Myanmar Visa from Morocco    
 mexico  Apply from Mexico  new zealand  Apply from New Zealand
norway Apply from Norway netherlands Apply from Netherlands
laos Apply from Laos north ireland Apply from North Ireland
apply from poturgal Apply from Potugal poland Apply from Poland
  Myanmar Visa from Peru    Myanmar Visa from Romania
qatar Apply from Qatar russia Apply from Russia
 spain  Apply from Spain  singapore  Apply from Singapore
 sweden  Apply from Sweden  scotland  Apply from Scotland
  Myanmar Visa from Slovakia   Myanmar visa from Slovenkia
  Myanmar Visa from Srilanka    
  Myanmar Visa for South Africa citizens    Myanmar Visa from Uruguay
 ukraine  Apply from Ukraine  switzerland  Apply from Switzerland
  Apply from Taiwan    
wales Apply from Wales vietnam Apply from Vietnam



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