Fast Myanmar Visa

In order to help travelers obtaining Myanmar visa in some urgent cases, we have launched the Fast Myanmar Visa Service. This special service allows you to get visa from 1 day to few hours. It can be as fast as 2 hours working or even less. 

Urgent/ Fast Myanmar Visa Guide

For certain reasons, you forgot to apply for Myanmar Visa or Evisa before you arrive in Myanmar. Our service aims to solve all the visa cases relating to this problem. 
The procedure is applied for Visa On Arrival Only, which means we will help you to have visa approval and the visa stamp will be posted on your passport upon arrival. 
There is no extra or hidden fee !

Best options for Myanmar Fast Visa : 

- 4 hours working day

For this option, please contact our team via email/ phone/ what`s app, etc. You will be directed to one of our tour operator who will guide you all the neccessary information to get the visa.  Please understand that if you travel in night time ( Myanmar time ), the procedure may not function. It is the best to contact us before you apply. 

- 1 working day:

If your arrival date is 24 hours before you entering Myanmar then you can proceed to apply for Myanmar through our Visa Application Form.
For any case, our team will contact you to reconfirm the visa status. 
The one day visa option may also work for the weekend if you notify us when you apply. 

Some Urgent Myanmar special cases


What happen if I travel on public holiday of Myanmar ?

All embassies and Myanmar consulate do not work on public holiday. In this case, we will assist you to get visa on arrival.

If I enter Yangon/ Mandalay and I have only weekend to apply for visa ?

Since 2019, we have been accepting visa application on weekend for both Myanmar Tourist and Business Visa. 
Please make sure you have all the information needed to apply for visa and submit the information at our online visa form

Is this Urgent Visa service guaranteed?

Yes, it is !
Once you have received our message/ email confirming that your application is accepted, it means we guarantee that you`ll have visa in time. We committe the service : You`ll have visa or Money Back 


  • Normal working hours: 8.30am - 17.30pm
    From Monday to Saturday
  • Urgent Visa Process: 24/7
  • Phone +84 919 666 568


  • Guaranteed you will have visa or refund !
  • Secured & private online application, payment system
  • Best solutions for different countries
  • Get Visa Approval document as fast as 4 hours
  • We work 365 days a year