River Cruises

Choose and book Myanmar River Cruises with best Myanmar Tour Operator who specializes in offering Myanmar Cruises from superior option to luxury option
Myanmar is a diverse country which not only offers long coastal line but also a wide network or rivers which flows from China to Bay of Bengal. The river cruising in Myanmar is defined as one of the most rewarded experience which allows you to absord in magnificent landscapes and appreciate the real local life, culture.
From the legendary rivers of Irrawaddy to Chinwin, Myanmar River Cruises including Road to Mandalay, Paukan Cruise, Pandawe Cruise, Malikha Cruise and Amara Cruises, our Myanmar Cruises feature different fabulous options to make your trip in Myanmar colorful.
The boarding time offers you more than a gliding pictureque landscapes but also an elegant touch to the local life and the country highlights.

Top Myanmar River Cruises 

Road to Mandalay 5*

This luxury cruise offers colorful river journey on both Irrawaddy and Chindwin River with option from 3 to 11 days. We strongly believe that the services and comfort that Road to Mandalay provides will satisfy your sophistication.

Paukan 2012 Cruise 4*

Paukan 2012 is a gem of a vessel, a compact but elegant vessel made of teak with a hull of marine steel. The walls and floors are of timber with each plank carefully chosen to showoff the beautiful grain. The décor is modern chic, with a touch of Myanmar culture through a few traditional motifs, wooden figures, fabrics and paintings.  .

Orcaella Cruise 5*

A newly-launched cruise in 2013, Orcaella brings you a wise choice on Irrawaddy River with colorful trips connecting the most highlighed areas in northern Myanmar where Irrawaddy and Chindwin river flows through

Paukan 2007 Cruise 4*

The lovely Paukan is a boutique hotel on the river, beautifully furnished with a unique combination of modern and traditional motifs. The cruise is one of the best choice on the part of Bagan Mandalay  

Irrawaddy Princess cruise 3*

This is the cruise that reflect traditional Burmese art with wooden covers, warm decoration and great hospitality. Irrawaddy Princess also has a sister cruise of Royal Princess Cruise which offers you more choices for cruising Mandalay to Bagan.

Amara Cruise 3*

Another traditional cruise on Irrawaddy River offering different cruising routes varying from 3 to 10 days. There is an option for a private river tour if you charter the cruise for your group. 

Best time to take Myanmar River Cruises

In our opinion, there are two things you should know about Myanmar River Cruises : the length of the journey and the seasonal weather.

Summer time witnesses the rainy season which comes with high level of water. During this time, the landscapes turn greener and you can take a long river adventure up to 15 days from Yangon to the far north. Overnight river cruise between the famous touristic sites are still on operation but less frequent according the low demand. The cruising rate is fairly good at this period.

Winter time is also the tourism season. During this time, the cruises are often fully booked and it is advisory to reserve your cabins in advance, especially the luxury cruises on the route between Mandalay and Bagan. 

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