Myanmar Working Permit

This is the latest update about Myanmar working permit. All information related to multi entry visa, business visa and other helpful information you should know when planning a long work-stay in Myanmar

The Myanmar Foreign Investment Law of 2012 introduced a work permit system for foreigners investing in Myanmar. Companies investing in Myanmar under the Foreign Investment Law or set up under the Myanmar Special Economic Zone Law (MSEZL) can apply for work permits for foreigners in managerial or supervisory roles or for those holding technical skills. To do so, a company must have an Investment Permit and receive an endorsement to employ foreign workers from the Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC). Alternatively, if a company is operating under the MSEZL, they can apply at the zone’s One Stop Service Center (OSSC).

In order to acquire a work permit, the applicant must be in good health, have a letter of recommendation from their employer, and hold a degree that is regionally or internationally recognized in relation to their employment as proof of expertise. Even with a work permit, foreign workers will still need to acquire a Stay Permit and Multiple Journey Special Re-entry Visa separately in order to stay in Myanmar beyond 70 days and to exit and re-enter the country on the same visa.

Although business visas are limited to 70 day stays regardless of whether they are single or multiple entry classification, a Stay Permit or Multiple Journey Special Re-entry Visa can be acquired to extend the total stay period. The Stay Permit is not a separate visa, but a special permit that removes the 70 day limit on visas, allowing a foreign worker to remain in Myanmar for lengths of either three months, six months, or one year.

However, the Stay Permit is only valid for one entry, even if the holder has a valid multiple entry visa. In order to keep the Stay Permit valid when leaving Myanmar, a Multiple Journey Special Re-entry Visa must be obtained. The Multiple Journey Special Re-entry Visa is also valid for either three months, six months, or one year. The criteria for acquiring this visa is stricter than for business visas and the Stay Permit. To be eligible for the Multiple Journey Special Re-entry Visa, the applicant must have traveled to Myanmar on a business visa a minimum of three separate times and present evidence that they are employed as a consultant, director, or manager. The Stay Permit and Multiple Journey Special Re-entry Visa are regulated by the Ministry of Immigration and Population.

The following documents are required to apply for a Stay Permit and Multiple Journey Special Re-entry Visa:

A recommendation letter from the employer, including details about the type of business, purpose of visit, applicant’s name, passport details, position in company, and intended entry and exit dates;
Invitation letter from a Myanmar registered company on its official letterhead;
Applicant’s CV;
Authorization letter notarized and legalized by the relevant Myanmar Embassy or Consulate;
Company documents, including certificate of registration, permit, company affidavit;
Visa application form;
Two recent color photographs with white background size 35mm x 45mm; and
Passport valid for at least six months and copy of the passport details page.


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