Myanmar Embassy in Switzerland

Essential information to check about Myanmar Embassy in Switzerland and further notice for travelers from the country who plan to visit Myanmar

Embassy is the presentative of a country in another country. The embassy often functions the politic and trade promotion between two country. This article provides you some essential information about Embassy, visa guidance and business support

Myanmar Embassy in Switzerland

Until 2017, there is no Embassy of Myanmar in Switzerland. There is only Permanent mission of the republic of the Union of Myanmar to the United Nations and other international organization in Geneva. 

For Myanmar Visa

We advise travelers who either come to Myanmar for tourist or business purpose to apply for Myanmar Visa On Arrival. 
For this visa, you can submit information online and pay for visa fee. After a certain processing time, the visa approval letter will be delivered to your email and it is very fast. You do not need to visit any Myanmar Embassy as well sending your passport away from home.

To apply for tourist visa, please follow this link:

                                                                                                                                             apply visa

Some notes:
- Please note that Myanmar Visa is valid for 28 days traveling and it is not extendable. If you travel over 30 days, you will pay overstay fee when you leave the country.
- The Visa on Arrival is not applicable if you cross the land border for example from Thailand to Myanmar by Maesot border gate or from India to Myanmar.
- Visa on arrival has different fees compare to the visa that you apply in any Embassy.

For Business Visit

Myanmar is now opening for you to do business in the country. Please keep in mind that you will need the visa for business travel if you enter for exhibition, shows or any business purposes. 
We are available to help you getting all information about doing business in Myanmar, hiring a translator or rent a car.


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