Mandalay Travel Attractions

Being the northern hub of Myanmar, Mandalay boasts stunning cultural and natural wonders. There are so many things to keep you occupied as well entertained in this cultural wealthy city.
Mandalay is a characterful city. It boasts a beautiful mixture of ancient sites, developing modern architects blending with fascinating markets. To start planning your travel itinerary, check out the top Mandalay Travel Attractions :

kuthodaw pagoda
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Kuthodaw Pagoda

This Buddhist stupa containing world’s largest book is a must visit on a Mandalay trip. Built by King Mindon, this large walled complex situated at the base of the southeast stairway to Mandalay Hill, is surrounded with 729 slabs, each having its own stupa and all 15 books of the Tripitaka are inscribed on these slabs. History enthusiasts will find this pagoda fascinating, rich with 18th century information.

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 Atumashi Kyaung

This historical site would make one realise the magnificence of Burmese architecture. The original one built in 1857 by King Mindon was destroyed by fire in 1890. The majestic wooden structure with considerable exterior stucco was a huge grandiose structure surrounded by five graduated rectangular terraces and was considered as one of Southeast Asia’s glorious buildings. Later in 1996, Burmese archaeological department reconstructed this grand structure using the convict labour force. Today this white structure stands tall, serving as a major tourist destination of Mandalay

Kyauktawgyi Pagoda

Literally meaning “the Great Marble Buddha Image” in Myanmar, this pagoda becomes lively in the month of October during annual pagoda festival. This temple located near the southern entry to Mandalay Hill, houses a huge sculpted image of the Buddha seated in the Bhumipassa Mudra, made from a single block of pale green marble.
This magnificent heritage structure built in 1853 under the patronage of King Mindon Min, doesn’t fail to woo its visitors.

Mandalay Hill

Known for its abundance of pagodas and monasteries, this 790 ft hill located to the northeast of the city has been a major pilgrimage site for Burmese Buddhists for several years. It is also a popular tourist spot, which is worth a climb, as one gets rewarded by the panoramic views of Mandalay from the top. Sunset and sunrise views from here are simply stunning. One can pay homage to prominent pagodas along the stairway of Mandalay Hill and shop traditional handmade items as souvenir.

mandalay palace

Mandalay Palace

Also known as ‘The Myan Nan San Kyaw’, this royal palace has been a major tourist destination. This picturesque structure forms the main subject of photography for the shutterbugs visiting Mandalay. Built in traditional Burmese palace design, it is inside a walled fort surrounded by a moat. The palace itself is at the centre of the citadel facing east. The entire palace complex was demolished by fire during World War II, but it has been restored in 1990s.

Shwenandaw Monastery

A visit to this monastery reveals the traditional Burmese architecture with finely carved teak wood building. Originally a part of the Royal Palace in Amarapura, the structure was dismantled and transported to Mandalay and rebuild, when the capital city was moved to Mandalay. Today this historic structure stands as an example of intricate wood carvings that adorn both exterior and interior of the monastery. Built by King Thibaw Min in 1878, it is believed to house the meditation couch of the king.

Yadanabon Zoological Gardens

At the foothills of Mandalay Hill, this zoo plays an important role in the conservation program for the highly threatened Burmese roofed turtle. Apart from this, one can spot nearly 300 animals, including tigers, leopards and elephants. The lush green zoological garden is a great place for the tourists to hang around in Mandalay. Related information : Getting Myanmar Visa at Mandalay Airport

Mahamuni Pagoda

The Mahamuni pagoda, also known as The Maha Myat Muni Pagoda, is one of the most important Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Burma. This was built in 1785 by King Bodawpaya of the Konbaung dynasty after the Mahamuni image was captured during the invasion of the Arakan Kingdom. Today it is regarded as the most highly revered Buddha image in the country. One can visit the museum at the temple grounds and learn various historic facts about Buddhism.
Tourists visiting this holy place during early February can celebrate annual pagoda festival known as the 'Mahamuni Paya Pwe'.

ubein bridge

Ubein Bridge

Lying outside the city, Ubein is one of the most photogenic Mandalay Travel Attractions. The bridge is recognized as the longest teak wood bridge in the world. 
While the sunrise offers shooting with farmers who start leaving their villages to work, the sunset provides beautiful lights for a shadow photo. 


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