Putao Travel Guide

Tucked in the far north of Myanmar, Putao is blessed with rugged, snowcapped mountain range and picturesque valleys. This is the only region that boasts the lofty peak of Himalaya range in the country. 

Why you should visit Putao

The very first reason that draw adventurers to Putao is its challenging treks. Since Putao is home to the highest mountain in Southeast Asia, the Hkakabo Razi, perching on the elevation of 5.889m, hundreds of climbers come to this scenic area to conquer this peak.
Known as one of the best Myanmar Trekking destinations, Putao also treasures many breathtaking routes like Phonyin Razi, Phangran Razi. These challenging adventure takes about 14 days with meticulious preparation. 

Another reason that Putao tempts your visit is ethnic diversity and rich local culture. The town was established in 1914 after the discovery of Fort Hertz. It remains some ruins from British colony era. The surrounding area of Putao houses many different ethnic minorities including Lisu, Kachin, Hkamti Shan or Nuang Rawang. Their unique culture can surely feed your curiosity about Burmese people. 

Travel to Putao

The best way to access Putao so far is by flight. It is important to know that Putao is mostly accessible during the dry season more than rainy season. 
Many local airlines fly to Putao weekly including Asian Wings and Myanmar national airlines. There is no direct flight from Yangon, it is often with one stop in Myitkyina. 

Notes: flights to Putao can be cancelled even at the last minutes according to the weather condition. 

Visiting Permit

Before you arrive in Putao, it is compulsory to have regional travel permit. This pre-arranged travel document should be obtained at Nay Pyi Daw capital by a local tour operator who organize your trip to Putao. 
It takes from  1 to 2 weeks to obtain this document. 

What to do in Putao

The most popular activity you should do in Putao is trekking. Whether it is a day trek or a long journey into the wild, Putao has so many options to offer you. For more reference, please check Myanmar Trekking Tours
Apart from the traditional trek, visitors can also embark on an elephant jungle trek which allows you to get closer to the unspoiled nature of Putao.

For those who are interested in birding, Putao is home to big number of bird species. 

Another adventure that you rarely heard before is rafting. There are 2 rivers with wild rapids that you should not miss : Nam Lang and Malikha River. 

Putao Accommodation

As Putao is really out of the tourist map, the services in the area is expensive. The only luxury property in town is Malikha Lodge, equipped with spa, pool and incredible views. 
Putao trekking lodge is the second choice with good facilities for relaxation. There are 2 other over priced guest houses, providing basic stay. 

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