Myanmar Visa Guide

All the travelers are asked to obtain Myanmar Visa before you board the flight to enter the country.
If you apply for visa on arrival, you must have visa approval letter which proves that you will have visa at the airport.

Myanmar Visa Types

1. Tourist Visa

Applied for travelers who visit Myanmar for tourism purpose. This type of visa allows you to stay 28 days and can be extended for 2 weeks.
You can apply for tourist visa online through this website/ government website and embassies.

2. Business Visa

Those who comes to Myanmar to do business or event, Business visa allows you to stay 70 days, it can be extendable.
Business visa can be obtained on arrival or through embassy.
Check further information about business visa.

3. Social Visa

Social Visit Visa – spouse (a foreigner who married with Myanmar Citizen) of a Myanmar National, children of a Myanmar National and a Foreigner, or those who surrendered Myanmar Citizenship are allowed to apply only for a social visit visa. This visa allows you to stay 28 days

4. Meditation Visa

If you attend a meditation course or a pilgrimage in Myanmar, Meditation Visa allows you to stay for 90 days to do so.

5. Multiple Visa

The applicants who would like to apply Multiple Journey Entry Visa must have been applied at least (3) times Business Entry Visa within One year

Authorized Border Gate/ Checkpoints

  • If you enter by flight, there are 3 international airports : Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Daw. You can get visa on arrival at all these ports.
  • If you arrive by cruise/ ship: Thilawa Port is the only port for cruise to arrive in Yangon. You must apply the visa through embassy if you want to visit Yangon or other area. There is no visa on arrival for cruise/ ship.
  • If you enter by border crossing: either you enter from China, Thailand or India, you are asked to have Myanmar Visa before you cross the border. There is no visa on arrival counter there.

How to Apply

  • If you live in the country where there are Embassies of Myanmar, you can visit the embassy with application form, your visa and your photos to apply directly at the embassy. The time to get your visa varies differently from 3 days to 1 month depends on the workload of the embassy or their policy. We recommend you to check directly with the embassy.
  • If you apply for Myanmar Visa on arrival for tourist/ business purpose, simply complete the online visa form, expecting the approval letter to your email after the payment. On this site, our visa team is available to support you 24/7.


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