Myanmar Visa for Peru Citizen

Get some advice and information of how to apply Myanmar Visa for Peru citizen either you are living in Peru or abroad

If you live in Peru or you are Peru citizen, there are two choices for you to apply Myanmar Visa:
- For those who live abroad and have chances to visit Myanmar Embassy, you can apply through Embassy. For further info of the embassy, please check our Myanmar Embassy List

- Applying with the support of a local travel agency in Myanmar for Myanmar Visa on Arrival or known as pre-arranged visa on arrival for tourist/ business.
To do so, simply complete a form the proceed the payment with this link:  

                                                                                                                                                   apply visa


The whole procedure is called Myanmar Pre-arranged Visa On Arrival and it helps you to get visa through emails.
After submitting all the information and pay for service fee, you will have a document stating Visa On Arrival. This letter will help you to have visa at the airport or border check point. 

For other nationalities currently staying in Peru
We suggest that you apply online for visa on arrival as there is no Embassy of Myanmar in Peru, this is the most convenient way. You may need a certain time to process the visa, simply contact the local tour operator who is authorized to do this to get further information.
If you apply through our website, we highly appreciate that you spend time on checking how it works. 


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