Ranong Kawthaung Border Crossing

Visa expert guide reveals the top guide of how you can enter Myanmar through Rannong Kawthaung Border Gates. This guide is updated by both travel expert and post travelers who journey across two countries

Located in South Myanmar, lining Thailand and Myanmar, Ranong Kawthaung is the most popular border checkpoints to travel on ward either to Phuket - Thailand or Mergui Archipelago - Myanmar. Since 2016, the new visa policy has opened up more chances for travelers who want to do border crossing at this border line.

Crossing Border Info
- To travel from Ranong to Kawthaung, you have to take a boat. 
- Opening hours from Ranong site : 8.00am at Ranong Immigration office. 
- You need to get stamped on your passport proving you leave Thailand at the immigration office.
- Prepare your Myanmar Visa Approval Letter which you can apply here : Apply Myanmar Visa . For this way, you do not need to pay for visa fee, it is already included visa stamp fee at Myanmar border.
- If you already have the visa then simply submit it for a quick check at the border gate. 
- Prepare money to pay for the boat ride from Ranong to Kawthuang. This ride takes about 40 minutes.
*Buy a brand new Ten US dollar note for payment later in Burma or bring one with you. I got one from the little shop that sells coffee next to the immigration office (cost 420 baht with a little bartering). The important thing here is that it has to be crisp, flat and not folded otherwise they will not accept when you get to Burma and will make you pay in Thai Baht at a really crappy exchange rate.

Immigration office locations

In Ranong:   Saphan Pla / Phalar Immigration
In Kawthaung: Myo Ma Jetty in Kawthaung or known as Victoria Point. The immigration office is about 30m from where the boat stop.

Visa News on Ranong Kawthaung Border Gate
From 2016, visitors can apply for visa on arrival at this border gate along with the traditional method of obtaining visa via a Myanmar Embassy. The tourist visa is valid for 28 days traveling. There is not extension option but you can stay longer if you pay overstay fee $3/ day when you leave the country. 
Business visa is also available at this border gate. 


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