Myanmar Beaches

Travel information of where to go to enjoy the best of Myanmar Beaches from Ngapali to Kawthaung. Expert guide with useful tips

For many people, Myanmar Beaches are still not prominent on the travel map of Asia yet they are really the magnets, especially when the images of unspoiled islands in southern part are promoted since 2012. While Ngapali offers world class  experience, travelers who love waves, sand and sea and offered sandy beaches by the bay of Bengal or further in Andaman sea.
These are just the short listed beaches that you should add into your travel itinerary:

Ngapali Beach
Undoubtedly, Ngapali is the most accessible and beautiful beach in the country. It stretches over 3km lined by palm fringe and bordered the mountain background by many luxury seaside resorts from 3 to 5 star standard. 
After days of leisure, you can explore the ocean with boat excursion for scuba  diving or simply head to Thandwe town for a little bit of local !
Practical information: flight is the best way to reach Ngapali from Yangon. There are daily flights during dry season while it is rather restricted during moonsoon. 

Ngwe Saung Beach
This " Silver Beach" is about 5 hours driving from Yangon. Ngwe Saung is more a hub for surfing than just a place to immerse in the beach. The water is much clearer and deeper here than other famous beaches in the country. 
There are other reasons that you should visit Ngwe Saung including delicious seafood, local traditional workshops and picturesque landscapes. 
Travel tips: make sure you reserve the diving trip before you arrive.

Macleod Island
Tucked away from mainland, Macleod is part of the mesmerizing Mergui Archipelago which consists of 800 islands. The only way to reach this island is a boat ride from Kawthaung town. It is not much to mention about the island but the stunning beach without any footsteps, beathtaking tropical jungle and incredible marine diversity.
Macleod is a perfect getaway for diving and kayaking.
Travel Tip: it is advisable to book the Andaman resort far in advance.


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