Yangon to Bagan By Train

Traveling by train is one of the most authentic way to appreciate the landscapes of north Myanmar as well having cultural interact with local people. The rail journey from Yangon to Bagan is not an exception. Additionally, train travel is also cheap.
Here is the basic information you should know about the train from Yangon to Bagan

yangon train ride
Photo: Hartfried Schmid

How Long Does it Take

The train between Yangon and Bagan takes about 17 hours. 
It leaves Yangon in the afternoon and arriving in the next morning. 


There are 3 categories of tickets : hard seat, soft seat and soft sleeper. We strongly recommend soft sleeper which is the most comfortable type for this train ride. 
The price is about $25/ ticket and not including meals. 
To buy the tickets, you can go to the Central train station near Sakura Tower / Shangrila Traders Hotel

How the sleeper train look like ?

You will share a small cabin with 4 berths : 2 lower, 2 upper. There is a small space to arrange your luggage. 
The berth has 1 pillow and small sheet. There is no air conditioning, you will have a fan for whole cabin. 
It is pretty hot when the train starts leaving the station then it will be cooler as you head north. 

Services On Board

Usually, dining carriage is located at the beginning of the train. You will find some options for foods including fried noodle, soups and meats. 
Popular drinks are coke, beer or mineral waters.
On the way, when the train stops during the day time, you will have see some vendors who offers sweeties, snacks and fruits. 

Other meals of transportation from Yangon to Bagan ?

Direct flight from Yangon airport to Nyang U airport takes about 1 hours and most of these flights departs in the morning.
Overnight bus are also available with the price from $12. Bus duration: 8 to 9 hours. 

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