Visa for Burma

Burma is the former name of Myanmar country yet still popular on the travel map. This article will introduce you fully about the process of obtaining visa to Burma

Burma or recently known as Myanmar is a country that requires visa for any visits either it is for vacation, business or family reunion. It is advisory that visitors should obtain the visa or visa approval letter before your travel really starts. 
There are certain countries have signed mutual free-visa agreement with Burma in Southeast Asia hence the citizens from these countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, etc... will not need a visa if they travel for less than 14 days for any purpose. Please check out Burma Visa Exemption List 

Visa Types :
- Tourist Visa
- Business Visa
- Social Visa for family, friends visit
- Meditation Visa for meditation course

Basically, to apply for visa, you will need all information relating your passport including passport number, issued date and expiration, nationality, date of birth then travel reservation or entry ports.
Please check visa requirement at the bottom of this website.

Apply for Tourist Visa
Tourist visa is valid for 28 days stay without extension option. If you expect a longer stay for your travel, please contact us for further advice.

Update to date: citizens from over 100 countries now can apply for Burma Evisa.  This procedure allows you to get visa document online and you can apply from all over the world where this is internet. The Evisa is applied for Yangon, Mandalay, Nay Pyi Daw international airports arrival and Rannong, Maesot border check  points only. If you arrive by other border gate, please apply through embassy in the nearest embassy.
Here is the online Burma Visa application form  

Traditional way to obtain Burma visa: apply through embassies. Please check the contact list of Burma Embassies here. Each embassy has different policy for standard, urgent cases. The best is to visit or contact the nearest embassy directly. 

In case, you do not have access to embassy or your citizenship is not listed to apply for evisa, please contact us for better support.

Business Visa
Burma business visa is valid for 70 days stay without extension option. For working permit or longer stay, please check Burma Business Visa / Working Permit Burma
Either you apply for visa through embassy or online, you will need the following documents:
- Invitation letter from Myanmar side
- Guarantee letter from a local company
- Letter from your company assigning your presence in Myanmar
After that, you will need to complete an application form given online or at the embassy.

Meditation Visa
This visa allows you to stay less than 70 days for meditation purpose. Belongs the standard requirement for a normal visa, you should also have a confirmation letter from Myanmar Meditation Center.
Meditation visa can only be obtained at the embassy, no online form is given so far.


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