Trekking Chin State Tour

Chin state is one of the most stunning areas in north Myanmar for a life time trek. Explore the best itineraries to uncover the area

Chin State is home to rugged mountains, unique hill tribes and incredible unspoiled nature. The area is less frequented by adventurers but chances to enjoy breathtaking trek is plentiful. Local travel agencies operates different tours focusing on Nat Ma Taung national park through the 2 bases of Mindat and Kanpalet town. 

The highlights of all Chin State Trekking Tours come from the rich nature with diverse fauna and flora that Chin state boasts, the friendly encounters to the villages of Chin hill tribe who have tattoo faces as a tradition and the wildlife. 

All the trek to Chin state so far starts from Bagan, a beautiful sacred plains studded by thousands of temples and pagoda. 

These are some of the best travel itineraries for a trek in Chin State :


Day 1: Bagan to Kanpalet
Leave Bagan in the morning for a scenic drive through mountain ranges and valleys. 
Kanpalet is a small townlet lying on the elevation of 3000 feet above the sea level. The rest of the day is kept for the town walk, seeing local life. Sunset photo shoot by the town's viewing point.

Day 2: Trekking from Kanpalet to Htet Shwe 
After breakfast in town, start your trek to Hal Laungpan village (45 minutes trek). At this village, you will have chance to see and understand about Ngra hill tribes who have the faces tattooed, a consequence of their strong spirital life.
From here, we continute to Htet Shwe village. The trek is physically challenging as you have ascent and descent through deep valleys for 6 hours. The highlights is natural pool by a cascading waterfall. Settle the night in a Muum tribe's family.

Day 3: Trekking Htet Shwe-Donue-Kanpalet
The trek today offers more opportunities to spot wildlife as you travel further into the forest and the national park. Donue village is about 5 hours trek from your starting point today. 
For those who love orchids will love the route as you can photograph various types of this species. 
The trek ends at the meeting point where our car picks you back to Kanpalet.

Day 4:Kanpalet – Bagan 
After breakfast, head back to Bagan. On the way, free to visit the local villages with your guide.

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Day 1 : Drive Bagan lowland to Mindat.
Your driver will pick you up from Bagan to kick off the trip through the lush lowland, passing through rice fields, verdant valleys. You will stop by Pontaung mountain range, famous for archaeology with the discovery of fossilised remains dating back 35-50 million years ago.
After lunch, head west to Mindat, the main administrative town for southern Chin State. Settle your night in town after a pleasant stroll.

Day 02: Trekking Mindat to Heelong
We rise up early to witness the monks doing their ritual alms walk then capture the mountain view from the town's viewing point. 
In the afternoon, enjoy a short drive to our trekking point then descend slowly through pine forest. The trek today lasts for 2 hours before we arrive at Heelong village. Your guide will introduce you the quaint tradition of local people. Enjoy the homestay in a local family. 

Day 03: Heelong to Phwe
After breakfast, depart from Heelong for a 3,5 hours trek to Phwe. Lunch will be served by your guide. The best of your trek today is when you descend to Chi river, traversing ridges with views. 
Trekking time is about 7 hours before you stop for a local stay in a Buddhist monastery.

Day 04: Trek to Madat
Madat is another remote village in the middle of Chin mountain. Along with the picturesque landscapes, you will have chance to observe how artisans make clay pipes in Kyar Ai Nuu village. You will descend for 45 minutes to the bottom of the valley then crossing the river for the afternoon adventure. 
Trekking time : 7 hours.

Day 05 : Trek to Madat Aye Camp
We begin today’s trek along the undulating path passing through a number of small villages where animism is widely practiced (look out for the animist tombs of the local people) en route to our lunch stop, the village of Kyardo. Kyardo is known for its gold hunters who pan in the river. We will have lunch and explore the village. After that we will have 4 hours steep hike along a densely forested track finally leads us to Aye. From here, the whole view of Mindat can be seen. Our accommodation for the night is in a basic guest house. Hot water showers should also be possible though the electricity supply can be sporadic. Approx. trekking time 6 hrs / 17km (1180m to 1845m)

Day 06:  Trek Aye to Do Nuu.
After breakfast we begin to gain altitude as we start the climb towards Mt Victoria. We will follow a good but steep track which is mainly forested and later we'll pass through banana plantations. Tonight we will be sleeping in a local school, dormitory style. Approx trekking time 4-5 hrs / 12km (1845m to 2211m).

Day 07: Ascend to summit of Mt Victoria
After breakfast, we join the trail which loses sight of Mindat as we head for Mt Victoria. It will take 4 hours to reach base camp and then another hour to reach the summit. Be prepared for a much cooler and more windy night as Mt Victoria is the highest point in the Chin Hills at 3084 metres. We will set up camp up here for the night. The views from this top are breathtaking and we will have plenty of time before dinner to enjoy the sunset. Approx trekking time 6 hrs / 12km (2211m to 3084m).

Day 08: Kampalat -  Bagan.
After watching the sunrise we have breakfast before we head back down to base camp to meet our jeeps. Bidding farewell to our crew, we set off for Kampalat an hour's drive away. If we have time we will visit Kampalat's market and have tea at a local coffee shop before our six-hour drive to Bagan. As it's a long drive we will stop for coffee at a town on the river as well as making a lunch stop. The drive passes through lots of teak plantations and there is some beautiful scenery. We arrive in Bagan in the late afternoon and check in to our hotel. 

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