Private Bagan Photography Tour

A fascinating experience to capture the best of Bagan temples and people, working with real travel experts who are keen on showing you how to photography the stunning of Bagan

Bagan is one of the most photogenic places in Asia. This archeaological site offers a touch to some 2,500 temples and pagodas dated back to 11th century. Every year, there are thousands of photographers make their trip to Bagan to enjoy the impressive sunrise, lines of monks collecting alms in the morning or challenge their skills with temple shooting. This private Bagan Photography Tour gives you a chance not only to access this expert resources but also some skills to use your camera confidently. 

Half Day Photography Tour

The half day tour focuses on the haunting sunrise. It could be perfectly combined with a Balloon Flight which costs from $280/ person. You will be lead by an expert to some secret viewing points which is away from tourist crowd. After the sunrise shooting, your guide will take you further to sites where you photograph the mural art inside temples. You will not miss the opportunies to capture the Buddha statues when the light comes. 

Full Day Bagan Photo Tour

This fantastic experience is proposed by Yangon Tour. You will work with a real photographer who is able to arrange the shoots as you want. Whether it is a shooting with model, novices or candles, your guide will help you to make it happen.

This is a suggestion for a photo day :
Morning shooting emphasizes capturing the sunrise. After that you will switch to a morning market, photograph the local scenes. 
Your day continues with temple workshops and novices. During your travel, your guide will help you develop your skills on lens. 
In the afternoon, you will continue your photography travel to both famous and hidden temples which offer attracting photogenic chances. Sunset can be arranged either on a cruise or taking the panorama on a pagoda's top.

All bagan photo tours can be customized to fit your interest. 

Recommendation : Myanmar Photography Travel 


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