Obtain Myanmar Visa from United States

Best guidance for travellers to obtain Myanmar Visa in or from United States of America. Check all the procedure and method of applying visa for Burma now

Myanmar Visa is a must for all US citizens who have plan to visit Myanmar for both visiting and business purposes. 
Myanmar Government offers visa on arrival ( known as pre-arranged visa on arrival) for all United State passport holder living in any state of the country.

Visa on arrival is good for a stay of 28 days, possible to extend 2 weeks more for tourism purpose, 70 days for business purpose. The Myanmar Visa On Arrival is guaranteed !
Advantage of this method: no need real passport, fast process, can apply all the time, can pay by credit card and we do support online if you have any question all the week. It takes only 2 to 7 days to get the visa letter.

To apply for Myanmar Visa on arrival, please follow this button: 

                                                                                                               apply visa

When you apply for visa, after choosing the processing time, you will receive 1 document issued by  Immigration Department and Tourism Department stating Visa On Arrival. The next stop is to print this document and bring with you to Myanmar, you will have visa at on arrival counter.

Visa on arrival is applicable for the arrival to Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Daw Airports.

For other nationalities currently staying in United States
• If you come from Europe, Australia or Africa, you can apply Myanmar Visa online the same way or visit Myanmar Embassy in Washington DC
• For those whose who have a chance to visit Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok, Singapore, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, it will be fast to apply visa there.
• First, please check if a visa is required for your nationality to enter Myanmar by visiting our Check Requirement

For those who have chance to visit Myanmar Embassy or consulate, please check the list of Myanmar Embassy in the footer of this website.
To learn more about the differences of these procedures, please check here 


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