Update Myanmar travel news featuring practical information that you may need for your travel covering visa news, communication, accommodations, transfer and many useful travel tips. For business travelers, you may also find here many articles that are interesting for your business plan as well cooperation in Myanmar.
Ultimate Guide For a Holiday to Myanmar from Singapore Myanmar is one of the easy, beautiful destination for Singapore travelers. The country takes only 3 hours flights and really unique both culturally and naturally. 
Discover how you can plan your best trip to Myanmar from Singapore :
Useful Burmese Travel Phrases Some of the most common phrases you should learn for a travel in Myanmar.
Travel to Myanmar from Malaysia Useful information for any travel from Malaysia to Myanmar, updating with flight details from different companies
Top Myanmar River Cruises Hand picked list of best Myanmar River Cruises that you should choose for a styled travel through the scenic part of Burma
5 Places to see in Myanmar in 2020 Hot travel destinations for going further than just touristic sites in Myanmar for 2018 and 2019
Yangon Food Tours Explore the rich Yangon culinary through some of the best activities in town. See the lively streets, get local touches and soak in the food that you will be impressed
Sending Money to Myanmar Seek no further for a solution to send money to Myanmar for your travel or business. This complete guide will help you more than just western union option.
Amazing Islands to see in Mergui Archipelago Find out the top inspiration for ocean hopping in Mergui Archipelago, the last paradise in southern Myanmar with over 800 sparkling islands
Myanmar hotspots for Active Travel in 2020 Soak in the best of Myanmar and go further than just ordinary travel route in Myanmar, explore more how you can enjoy the best of Myanmar in 2018


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