Update Myanmar travel news featuring practical information that you may need for your travel covering visa news, communication, accommodations, transfer and many useful travel tips. For business travelers, you may also find here many articles that are interesting for your business plan as well cooperation in Myanmar.
Burma Visiting Guide for Australian Taking a holiday to Burma is a rewarding experience for Australian. The country is distinctive amongst Asian destination for its fabulous temple landscapes, unspoiled nature and exotic culture. Moreover, it tends to be cheaper than before too.
To start planning your dream trip to Burma, here are some facts and notes you should not miss :
Romantic Myanmar Honeymoon Guide Myanmar is surprisingly still under the radar for honeymoon planner. This probably comes from the fact that the country just opens for few years recently but it does not mean Myanmar is lack of things to make your honeymoon time memorable. 
From mesmerizing temples to sunlit tropical islands, Myanmar is a perfect destination for romantic honeymooner.
This guide for Myanmar honeymoon will help you plan better your lifetime journey to our country :
Private Yangon Tour There are many ways to appreciate the beauty of Yangon. Many choose a fixed itinerary which covers the highlights of the city, other may love doing cooking class and enjoy their luxury resort facilities. Our private Yangon Tour enables visitors to not only designing their Yangon sightseeing their own way but also customize our suggested program to suit your timing, interest. 
Burma Travel Itinerary For First Timer One of the important step to make your travel in Burma successful is planning. Whether on an independent trip or a tour package, a good itinerary allows you to soak up more than just the highlights of the country but also giving you chances to explore further. This Burma Travel Itinerary is suggested by our travel expert who believe it showcases the best Burma/ Myanmar has to offer :
Travel from India to Myanmar India and Myanmar shares a long border line of 1643km. These two intrigue countries offers both similarity and contrasts in culture, landscapes which promise beautiful travel experiences in Asia. This guide features the update information of how you
Myanmar Self Drive Tour Myanmar Self Drive Tour features the unique exploration of the country. It connects your travel between Thailand and India where you can bring your own vehicles and hit the most scenic roads of Myanmar/ Burma. 

The main advantage of our self drive tour is our expert arrangement for permits and documents related to your special travel. We will take care of all issues relating such as temporary driving licenses in Myanmar, permit and border custom clearances. 
You will be escorted by one of our best leader / pilot car. 
Putao Travel Guide Tucked in the far north of Myanmar, Putao is blessed with rugged, snowcapped mountain range and picturesque valleys. This is the only region that boasts the lofty peak of Himalaya range in the country. 
Plan a trip to Myanmar from Hong Kong Myanmar is beguiling destination that boasts abundant contrasts to Hong Kong. It attracts the curious eyes of all travelers after decades of being isolated to the world. The core beauty of this magical country comes from shimmering pagodas, stunning beaches, picturesque lakes and quaint Buddhist-oriented landscapes.

For traveler from Hong Kong, Myanmar is a very fascinating travel destination that you should visit. This guide will help you to plan your holiday easily:
Budget Travel in Myanmar

Myanmar is more and more appealing for budget travelers. This enchanting destination has better value for money as there are more hostels, cheap transportation and better tourism infrastructure. 

Things to discover in Myanmar are seemingly endless: magical temple landscapes of Bagan, Irrawaddy scenic waterways, intrigue Buddhist relics and hidden treasures. This guide will provide the best practical information as well visiting guide for budget travel in Myanmar:

Complete Pyin Oo Lwin Travel Guide Pyin Oo Lwin is a very charming town in northern Myanmar. It is often known as the best summer escape during the British Colony. Today, it still reflects the nostalgic beauty while its natural wonders is a big draw for visitors who want to explore the floral diversity. 
This comprehensive travel guide of Pyin Oo Lwin will help you to plan your best trip to the area as well doing something different that is not mentioned in an ordinary travel book :


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