Myanmar Visa from Indonesia

This is the most useful guide how Indonesia people can obtain Myanmar Visa from Indonesian

Though there is no direct flight connecting Myanmar and Indonesia, travelling to Myanmar is not difficult for Indonesian people as well how you get the Myanmar Visa from Indonesia. 
Since Myanmar Visa is a must for your travel, there are two ways that you can get visa from your place:

Applying in  Jakarta, Indonesia  through Myanmar Embassy
Having Visa on arrival with (visa picked up at Myanmar International Airports).

                                                                                                                                             apply visa

Please note that both two procedures are legal and have its distinctive character. 
Please be advised that all the processing of Myanmar Visa Online is legal and follows strictly the law of Myanmar Government:

To learn more about the differences, please refer to our detailed comparison here.

Indonesia, Myanmar Embassy in Jakarta
Embassy of Myanmar in Jakarta, Indonesia
109, Jl. Hajiagus Salim Menteng, Jakarta Pusat
Phone: (62 21) 314 0440, 327 684
Fax: (62 21) 327 204


For other nationalities currently visiting/ staying in Indonesia
• If you are not from the country which has Myanmar Visa Exemption Policy, you need to get Myanmar Visa from Malaysia before you travel
• Applying in Myanmar Embassy is fast and you can also apply Myanmar Visa Online with the link mentioned above.
• To apply Myanmar Visa, please check Requirements


  • Normal working hours: 8.30am - 17.30pm
    From Monday to Saturday
  • Urgent Visa Process: 24/7
  • Phone +95 9769 391179


  • Guaranteed you will have visa or refund !
  • Secured & private online application, payment system
  • Best solutions for different countries
  • Get Visa Approval document as fast as 4 hours
  • We work 365 days a year