Dawei Day Tours

Dawei is a beautiful travel spot in southern Myanmar. It has a big number of unspoiled beaches, pristine nature and authentic local traditional works. These top Dawei Day Tours are the ultimate suggestion to spend your days in the area
dawei beach
Photo: Livia Maag

Dawei heritage Tour

Tourists can feel the pulse of Dawei’s rich history and cultural heritage through half a day trip to the architectural highlights from different epochs such as the Mon Empire, the Siamese influence, the British colonial past and the isolationist period.
A mix of colonial and local traditions throughout the town and its vicinity can be felt starkly. Dawei Heritage tour can unveil the beautiful ancient glass mosaic artworks, wood carving factories, old bungalows, marvellous pagodas and various other historic structures across the city.
The wonderful traditional Burmese architecture can be well captured in the photo frames on this specific tour.

Moscos Island Tour

These chain of islands in the Andaman Sea, right off the northern coast of the Tanintharyi Region in southern Myanmar is a hidden gem and can be a fantastic day travelling from Dawei. Strolling along the picturesque beaches, snorkelling across the beautiful coral reefs and discovering the marine life can be exhilarating. Moscos Island is a wildlife sanctuary with thick forest cover fringed by golden beaches and spectacular coral reefs.
Taking a traditional Daweiian boat trip to the island, allows one to experience local ocean traditions and practices and get a glimpse into the local life. Snorkelling followed by a scrumptious seafood lunch leading to a short trek through the forest trail is the best way to spend the day here.
Relaxing at the beach and listening to the waves crashing on the shore with some stunning views of the sunset is the best way to end the day here at Moscos Island.

From Dawei, you can sail as far as Mergui Archipelago

Little Amazon Boat Tour

Dawei’s countryside is not only scenic and serene, but wrapped in historic events. The first battle of World War II between Japan and Myanmar took place east of Dawei, and hence a day’s trip to these stretches of Dawei is quite significant.
The hidden trenches and bunkers that are still dotting the fields and farms can be explored with the aid of a local guide.
This Dawei Day Tour includes a boat ride along the ‘Little amazon’ river, passing through the war entrenchments, covered with lush greenery. Travelers can spot some exotic bird species, monkeys and other animals.

Dawei Peninsula Beach Hopping

Beach lovers will love this day long excursion across the pristine unspoiled beaches nestled among the hilly landscapes. The Grandfather beach, Sin Htauk beach and Horseshoe bay beach won’t leave the tourists disappointed. A quick swim followed by a seafood lunch is the best way to relax on the shore.
Taking a nap under the shady trees along the beach is a perfect recipe for a beach holiday in Dawei.

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Cottage Industry Tour

One of the most fascinating Dawe Day Tours that offers a closer look to local life is the Cottage Industry Tour. It offers a good time witnessing the local artisans working on the cottage products from the first step to they finish the full product like floor mat, basket, etc.
Many local cottage industries in the region can be explored, such as cashew nut factory, cheroot factory, weaving factory, fish cracker factory and wood carving factory and so on. One can get a glimpse of Dawei tribe’s local domestic factories and business on this tour.



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