Common Visa Questions

Explore all the common questions relating to Myanmar Visa Service with our top Visa questions

In this part, we quoted the most commonly asked questions that travelers often have when they plan to obtain Myanmar Visa

Q 1: Who need the Myanmar Visa ? is there any case of visa exemption ?
All foreign travellers need to have visa before they enter Myanmar. Visa Exemption is applicable for Vietnamese, Cambodian, Philippines citizens and it valid for certain time such as 14 days.
Myanmar Visa Exemption List

Q 2 : There is no Myanmar Embassy in my country, how can I apply for Myanmar Visa ?
You can contact a Myanmar based travel agency to apply for pre-arranged Myanmar Visa. This procedure allows you to have visa approval letter by email or post then get Myanmar Visa stamp upon arrival.

Q 3 : How I get Myanmar Visa at Yangon or Mandalay Airport on arrival ? how much it costs ?
It is very possible to get visa on arrival at Yangon, Mandalay or Nay Pyi Taw airports with visa pre-approval letter. It costs $30 for the stamp fee and service fees to archieve the approval letter 


Q 4 : I travel by cruises to Yangon, can cruise ship company obtain the visa for us when we arrive ?
The best way is to obtain pre-arranged visa-on-arrival with the ground operator. Normally, all travel agents are entitled to apply for visa-on-arrival, which usually takes about 3 working days. 


Q 5 : How long does it take if I apply Myanmar Visa through Embassy ?
It takes from 1 day to 3 weeks depending on your choice and the visa fees are different according to your selected option. 


Q 6 : How do I pay for visa at the airport ? at embassy or online with ?
You are asked to pay by cash at airport and Embassy while with you can pay by credit or visa card. 


Q 7 : I need to get a Myanmar visa but there is no Myanmar embassy or consulate office in my country. Where can I get my visa? Where can I find out a list of embassies and consulate office?
You can obtain your visa at any embassy in a country near to your location by mail. Check the embassy list here:
If you do not have time to visit Embassy or send mails, you can apply online on this website 


Q 8 :What are the requirements to get a tourist visa and how can we get it? Can we get a single or multiple entry tourist visas and how much does it cost? How long can we stay in Myanmar as a tourist?
A tourist visa is a single-entry visa for tourist travelers for a maximum of 28 days stay within the country. There are no multiple-entry visas available for tourists

The following are the requirements for obtaining a tourist visa:
National Passport (must be valid for at least 6 months)
One Arrival Report Form*
Two Application Forms for tourist visa*
Three passport photos, must be attached to forms 2 and 3
Tourist visa fee, which amount depend upon country and can be paid in cash
If visa application is sent by mail, a self-addressed return envelope with stamps or postage for registered letter should be included.
* Forms can be obtained at the Myanmar embassy or consulate office



Q 9 : How can I apply for a business visa for Myanmar ?
Check out the information about Myanmar Business Visa  here: 


Q10 : Can I enter Myanmar by land with VOA letter ?
Yes, you can enter Myanmar through border checking points if you have pre-arranged visa letter. 

Q11: Can I extend my stay in Myanmar ? if yes, what do I need ?
You can extend your visa up to 2 weeks more. Visit this page for further info:

Q12: I just take a transit flight via Yangon, do I need visa ?
You do need a visa if you want to visit Yangon before you take the connecting flight.  It costs 20usd

Q13: Can I pay for visa sticker at the airport by credit card?
No, please prepare cash $30 for your visa sticker 

Q14: I am working to work in Myanmar for 1 year, is there any way to get working visa for 1 year ?
You are advised to contact your sponsor in Myanmar to archieve full information for this type of visa. 

Q15: In case of emergency, can I get visa within the day or within few hours ?
It is possible to get urgent visa if you travel during the weekday. Myanmar Urgent Visa is one of our best service which can help you to obtain the visa within even 20 minutes/ 


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