Myanmar Business Visa from Spain

Get business visa to myanmar from spain. detail procedure and applying myanmar visa for spanish.

For Spain business travelers it is required to have a valid Visa before entering Myanmar. However, the nearest Embassy of this country is located in Paris, France. The best option to apply Myanmar business visa is to do with online system of Myanmar's Immigration of Labour, Immigration and Population.

As an authorized company which directly proceed with Burma's online visa system, provide you the simpliest way to obtain Myanmar business visa.



Since the Embassy is too far away, obtain online is most efficient method. However, it is much easier and faster than applying with Embassy. We require information only in electronic files, and pay once (no stamp fees at the airport). To start, click on the bellow button and fill out the online application.


apply myanmar visa


By ending, please choose type of visa (business) to pay. (120$/person). It takes from 1 - 5 days to approve your request. Once you are accepted, we will send you a "Visa Approval Letter" which allow you to get on flights. You will get Visa stamp at Visa On Arrival counter when you arrive in the airport with no extra fees.




Direct Apply with Embassy (physical documents)

Online Apply (electronic files)

-       Passport

-       Photos

-       Application forms

-       Bookings (flights, hotels if any)

-       Working schedule in Myanmar

-       Invitation letter and Company registration letter of inviting company

-       Passport

-       01 photo (selfie is acceptable)

-       Working schedule in Myanmar. A draft is also acceptable

-       Invitation letter and company registration letter from inviting company (pdf or image file)


Please check with the host company for invitation letter address to your name and the inviting company is registered with at least 3 month in activity.

To download samples of invitation letter and company registration, take your references here:

Note: Please send to our email: these documents. The company registration should be sent both frontpage and backpage.




For Spanish, Burma is a total different country. Strange culture and communication should be difficulties during your working time here. Please note down some simple rules and polite/impolite manner that would help you a lot with business:

      1. Say “Mingalarbar” for Hola
      2. Do offer articles with both hands and keep both feet on the ground;
      3. Do ask permission before taking photographs;
      4. Don’t point a finger straight in the face;
      5. Don’t step over any part of the person;
      6. When entering pagodas or monasteries, wear decent clothes (no shorts, bare shoulders or chests) and take off your shoes; 
      7. Not always necessary to shake hands.
      8. Accept or give things with your right hand.
      9. For hygiene reasons, eat only in decent restaurants. When not available, always eat heated food.
      10. Drink only bottled water and soft drinks that haven’t been opened yet.
      11. Myanmar food are often complained as ‘oily’.
      12. Tread Buddha images with respect.
      13. Don’t offer your hand to shake hands with a monk.
      14. A woman should not touch a monk.

And many other interesting rules you will find on your way. 

If you still have questions, click: Myanmar Business Visa for further information or email us:


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