Burma Luxury Travel

Amongst the stunning destinations in Southeast Asia, Burma differs itself by the varied temple landscapes, sealed culture and unique characters boasting from each region. The country becomes more and more alluring for luxury travelers who seek for a styled experience in comfort. There are more high end hotels as well beautiful services while the destination remains it charm with incredible luxury experience.
This is our short guide for Burma Luxury travel for first timer :


Fly in Burma

World class airlines like Qatar, Emirate, Thai Airways, Malaysia Air or Singapore Airlines, etc are now offering many flights to Myanmar. You can find a business class on the newest version of Airbus aircraft easily. 
If you expect a private charter flight, it does exist as well. Private Jet are available for your own space even within Myanmar. 

Travel within Myanmar

There are at least 8 carriers for domestic flights to all the famous destination like Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Ngapali Beach. 
For ground travel, luxurious vehicles may not be available in at all cities but in big cities like Yangon, Mandalay, you can enjoy limousine car. To know more about the car models and transfer service, please check Myanmar Car Rental Services

Best Luxury Burma Experiences 

Myanmar is diverse from north to south so does the travel experiences it offers. There are many blogs, travel forums mentioning about top things to do in Myanmar, this is own very own list for luxury travelers :

Taking Balloon in Bagan

Undoubtedly, Bagan is the most mesmerizing area in north Myanmar. It houses over 2,000 pagodas and temples in different shape and sizes. Balloon is the best way to enjoy the birdeye view over this sacred plain. 
This is one of the most rewarding experiences recommeded for both travelers and photographers alike. 

Cruising Irrawaddy River

Imagine a scenic sail traversing all the heritages of Burma Kingdom including Pyu, 5 ancient capitals including Inwa, Bagan, Mingun, Sagaing and Mandalay. While the extravavagent services on board assures you enjoy the sails every day with different views, the shore excursion with experience tour guide lets you know further about Burmese culture. 
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Beach time at Ngapali

Lying at the picturesque area of Rakhine State, Ngapali Beach and its surroundings promises lavish beach experience. 
Known as the most beautiful beach in the country, it has wide range of luxury resorts which has everything to seduce visitors from private beach front cottage, open bar, family cinema. It is not mention that Ngapali has some breathtaking hikes with beach panoraman from mountain top. 

Explore Mergui Archipelago on your own yactch

Though Mergui is still under the tourism radar, it is now a hot destination for adventurers who seek for thrilling marine experiences, lifetime sailing trips. With some 800 islands mostly remain intact, Mergui has all the element to form a life time experiences from private sandy beach, azure waters, unrivalled diving spots, marine national parks but importantly all are unspoilt. 
Since the mass tourism has not touched the area, setting sail on your own yatch is a perfect choice to uncover all the highlights of Mergui.
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See Inle Lake 

The waterway of Inle is recognized as one of the most unique sceneries in Burma.This is home to various ethnic hill tribe in Shan State whose has so diverse traditions. Inle offers stunning sunset, luxury lakeside resort. 
Taking a boat trip, traversing photogenic stilt villages and uncover the local friendliness is something you should miss in Inle. 
If you are a photographer, do not miss the chance to capture the Inthar fisherman scene by the sunset. 





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