Myanmar Weather and Climate

Description about Myanmar Weather and Climate which will be extremely useful for your travel plan to Myanmar

Myanmar lies in Southeast Asia in the typical tropical climate which has clear monsoon season, bringing some of the heavey rain from May till October.

Basically, there are 2 season named dry and wet but actually, Myanmar has three seasons: 
- Cool season from November to Februaray with the temperature from 20 to 24 C
- Hot season from March to May with average temperature from 30 degree to 35 C. 
- Rainy season: from May to October. During this time, there are lots of rain and humidity.

Beside major seasons, elevation also decide the climate of different areas. In the south near Mergui Archipelago, Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal, the rain may be 
experiencing torrential rains, while in the center of the country, the earth is parched and plants are withering. On the high mountain or highland such as Mt. Victoria, Putao, the weather is less affected by monsoon like in the main land.

Some notes for travel:
- As many part of Myanmar is still less-explored, the infrustructure is not good including the road. Travel during summer time may not be ideal and you should expect some delay
- Rain gears are essential for moonsoon climate since the rain may come at sudden. 

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