Update Myanmar travel news featuring practical information that you may need for your travel covering visa news, communication, accommodations, transfer and many useful travel tips. For business travelers, you may also find here many articles that are interesting for your business plan as well cooperation in Myanmar.
  1. Top Things to do and see in Bagan

    Insider travel guide of what to do to archieve some happy days outing in Bagan, the Unesco World Heritage site in north Myanmar
  2. Recommendation for Inle Lake Hotels

    Some of the best choices for your nights in Inle Lake, short list of Inle Lake Hotels with characters and comfortable facilities
  3. Best Hotels in Bagan

    If you seek for a great place to accommodate your sightseeing in Bagan, our short list of Bagan properties suggest you something outstanding
  4. Top Unique Myanmar Travel Experiences

    Myanmar is such a place which amuses the visitors with its lovely aura of energy, anticipation and lively views and sceneries.
  5. Top Myanmar Diving Sites

    Myanmar offers many wonderful diving spts. Our pick of the best places to swim with creatures of the sea
  6. Best Waterfalls in Myanmar

    Information of top 5 waterfalls in Myanmar
  7. Myanmar geography and ways for entrances

    Understand Myanmar geographic details. How to enter Myanmar by crossing borders and airports.
  8. Stunning Buddha Statues Around the World

    Full list of skyline Buddha statues in the world, reflecting the culture riches of Buddhism from one continental to another
  9. Top 5 Myanmar Dishes

    A short introduction of the top highlighted food that you should try once you are in Myanmar
  10. Travel Responsibly in Myanmar

    Top travel tips of how to be a responsible travelers when you visit the country of Myanmar

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