Using Myanmar Tour Operators for Your Holiday

Planning your travel to Myanmar with a local tour operator means you have the access to insider knowledge of the country. Beside the befenits from the people who knows the area, you also save time and cost at certain points. While many visitors put their search online for a reliable travel agency, there are so many ways to to find the agency for your own :

1. Friends and Family Recommendation
This is the most common way to get a trusted contact for holiday planner. If you have any friends or relative already travel to Myanmar, do not hesitate to ask them for a contact. Though Myanmar is changing, the insightful knowledge from the recommended one also developing accordingly.

2. Use travel forums
This is also a very useful source to sort out some agencies to choose. Tripadvisor forum, lonelyplanet or virtual tourist are some famous platform for post travelers to raise questions. You can opt from asking destination experts to local tour guide for recommendation.
Some tips : try to get at least 3-5 contacts before mailing to them for your request. Check out their website once you have the recommendation. 
According to many post-travelers, it is good to benefit the recommendation from users who have been active on the forum for long time. Do not trust the one with 1 review right at the first message. 

3. Authorized Tour Operator - Myanmar Tourism Board
Undoubtedly, local tour operators can give you more advantages than oversea one. The very first thing is price. Secondly, their knowledge of their own country must be unrivaled. 
As the Tourism board of Myanmar does not list many travel companies so far, you can check a long list at . Another way to see if the company is well registered or not is to check their KHA number ( issued by Myanmar Tourism Organization ) as well their actual address, contact. 

4. Double check the Testimonials
It is true that many travelers valuate a travel ageny by their reviews on tripadvisor, yelp or other rating tools. What we suggest is to double check at least 10 first reviews to make sure they are real travelers. 
You can also ask the agency to pass the contact of their post-clients ( if the clients agree ) then get in touch with them for real review. 
Here are just some example we found on tripadvisor 
One Stop Travel ( )- rated 5/5 star on tripadvisor by 395 users
Pro Niti Travel ( ) – rated 5/5 star by 348 users
Tour Yangon ( – rated 5/5 star by 26 users
When you get these results on tripadvisor, you can verify the if the reveals are authentic or not by contacting some of the users that wrote the reviews.

5. Choose Tailor Made Tour Operator
These days, Myanmar travel companies are getting used to with the term " tailor made holiday" or " customize tour" which allows them to personalize all the details to meet up your expectation. According to our travel experts, it is wiser to plan with a company who can do tailor made holiday than just oriented Myanmar tour packages.
More importantly, if your holiday is for your own, specific interest like Trekking, birding, cruising then A tailor made / hand crafted holiday is essential.
If you do not find this on the homepage of agency's website, you should get it in their customer policy.


Give- back Enterprises
As a tendency for world tourism, give-back enterprises including social enterprise and company offering charity to villages, education organization. Though it is not the important standard for a travel agency but it is more local friendly than ordinary choices.

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