Myanmar Telephone and Internet

Up to date information about Myanmar telephone, mobile phone and internet with some tips

Telecommunications in Myanmar is changing alot to catch up with the development of its neighbouring countries. Since 2011, there appeared mobile networks and more internet lines that makes your travel become easier if you want to contact back home or somewhere else. This article will demonstrate Myanmar Telephone and Internet as the main issue:

Mobile phones
International roaming service is available now in Yangon, specially in big cities. These networks are the best for roaming services:   Asian networks, including Thailand (AIS), Singapore (M1 and Singtel), Indonesia (Telkomsel) and Vietnam (Viettel). There are more improvement to come for this service.

Our advice is to rent Myanmar Sim card which costs about $12/ day and it would be much easier for internal communication or receiving phone calls from oversea. You can do this either at Yangon airport or Bagan airport.

Micro SIM cards (for use in iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and other high-end smart phones) are not available in Myanmar, but most phone shops can professionally cut normal SIM cards to fit into a Micro SIM slot.

Telephones (land line)

As mobile phone usage can be expensive, using phone stands can be the simplest way to make local calls. These can be found on streets and in shops all around Myanmar, and local calls should cost around K100 (15 cents) per minute.
International calls are significantly more expensive (over $5 per minute) and can only reliably be made from hotels; only some call stands will allow international calls. Be careful, as you may be charged for calls that fail to connect.
It should be noted that many businesses in Myanmar have several phone numbers, as calls sometimes don’t connect and lines can go dead.

Dialling codes
To make calls to Myanmar from abroad, dial your country’s international access code, then 95 and the local area code (minus the 0). Be warned that making calls to Myanmar can be difficult: calls will often not connect, particularly to numbers outside of Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyidaw.

Both internet and wife is becoming more and more visible now in Myanmar. You can find internet cafe shops who also offers internet phone call with cheap prices in most of the street in downtown Yangon, Mandalay ,Nyang U in Bagan or Nyang Shwe.
Please expect a slow internet connection when you are in Myanmar. It would be better during the late evening time. Be patient if you want to send photo or documents !
Wifi is mostly offered for free from hotels, restaurant in Myanmar. 


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