8 Steps to Plan Your Myanmar Trip

Myanmar is a beguiling destination and one of the hot spots in Asia. Traveling to Myanmar is a highlighted experience with so many things to do from temple visit to island safari, from festival hopping to balloon flight. To make sure your holiday will happen as you expect, these steps of preparation would be very useful :

1. When to visit Myanmar
Choosing the time to travel is very important step. It helps to know whether you should do it for travel expense or enjoying the best weather.
Basically, Myanmar has 2 seasons : rainy and dry. If you consider the best time to visit, it should be in dry season from November to to April. The shoulder season like Oct or May are good for both weather and travel cost.
Green season or rainy season comes with service promotion, wide selection of service at best value for money. 
However, the country is diverse. Mountainous areas may have different weather, some places even have snowy winter. If you travel to remote area, do not hesitate to contact us for some consultancy.

2. Find the Best Places to Visit
If you search for Top Myanmar Travel Destinations, Best Burma Attractions, you will have plenty result leading to famous places such as Yangon, Bagan, Inle Lake, Mandalay and Ngapali Beach. However, Myanmar has not only that to offer its visitors. 
To identify the Best Places to visit in Myanmar, it depends also on your travel sense. While the suggestion is large, you can browse Myanmar Tour Packages for the most prominent itineraries or seek further inspiration with Top Myanmar Adventures
Myanmar is opening its hidden gems so from time to time, the list of visiting will be longer and fits better your expectation.

3. List out Things you want to do
It is always true that different people have different taste - it is not an exception for your travel to Myanmar. Beside the way to define your holiday by destination, you can also create an itinerary base on your own interest. 
For example, if you fancy only beach and ocean, then Mergui Archipelago is a wonderful place to be. If you like hill tribe culture, head to Chin State, Rakhine State or Shan state. Those who love to get out of tourist path will find Hpa An and its magnificent landscape a good base to start your trip.
For food and culture, fascinating cities like Yangon or Mandalay always have something to offer you. 

4. Trip Duration
Knowing your holiday`s length will help you organizing activities and reserve accommodation before you settle the travel route. Each attraction has various activities and by choosing your duration, you will only choose the activities that are suitable for your time frame. 
For example, if you have only 2 days in Yangon then you should focus only in the most notable landmarks inside the city instead of getting out to Golden Rock.

5. Plan your international Flights
One of the most important steps for any trip to Myanmar is taking the flight. In general, there are not so many direct flights from Europe, America to Myanmar, hence a transit flight is often a must. What we recommend you to check when you book a flight is the transaction time and time zone different to avoid jetlag and tiredness.The company you fly with is also important. Try to maximize your comfort with good airlines so you have energy to start your trip.

6. Obtaining Myanmar Visa
After years of operation, we have witnessed many cases that visitors do not prepare for visa as they take granted that the country does not require visa. This is not correct. Except for exemption cases applied for some Asian countries, all travelers need to have Myanmar Visa before then enter the country. Please ensure you contact the embassy or apply visa online at least 2 weeks before your actual departure.
For any support, you can contact our team for visa. 

7. Making Itinerary and Book Hotels
This step is the core part that you should not miss. By drawing the outlines of when and where you will be each day, you can imagine better your travel. It is also very useful as your family/ friend will can chase where you are in case of any urgent contact.
The itinerary will also decide the hotel and services booking relating to transportation, sightseeing. You may not have details of what to see, what to do but a brief itinerary is already a good guide. If you never do this before, check this example of Myanmar Discovery Tour

8. Other Notes 
The first thing you should notice is about currency and money. Prepare well the notes instead of using credit card may help you saving the transaction fees. 
Travel documents such as passport, visa, permit for visiting specific areas should be in your bag before you go. 
Since Myanmar is trying to improve the communication services, internet may not be as rapid as you think, it is advisable to buy a simcard 

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