Myanmar Visa for Canada citizen

For Canada citizen or Canada passport holder living in another country, Myanmar Government allow you to get Visa on arrival or known as Pre-arranged visa on arrival. 
Visa on arrival is applied for travelers who take the flights to Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyidaw airports.

• The Pre-arranged visa on arrival Procedure
 Collect visa when you arrive, the Visa on Arrival is guaranteed. You do not need real passport, no Embassy Visit
 After you complete visa form and chose the date to receive visa approval letter, you will receive 1 document stating Visa On Arrival. This document allows you to board the flight to Myanmar and get visa on arrival at Myanmar international airport/ cruise port/ border check points

To apply for visa, please follow this instruction:


                                                                                                                        apply visa

The Visa on arrival is applied for both tourist and business purpose but you will have different forms. While tourist visa on arrival allows you to stay 28 days, with business visa on arrival, you can stay 70 days.
Visa processing time: normally 2 to 7 working days but if your travel date is very closed, please contact us for fast support ! we work even on weekend !


For other nationalities currently staying or travelling in Canada
• If your nationalities are not included in the Myanmar visa exemption list, you can also do the same procedure
• For those whose nationalities are supported with visa on arrival, you can follow the simple steps listed above to apply for one at Or, you can contact the nearest Myanmar Embassy around your area to apply.
• First, please check if a visa is required for your nationality to enter Myanmar by visiting our Check Requirement

For those who have time to visit Myanmar Embassy, you can apply. Please check the Embassy list at the footer of this site 

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