Myanmar hotspots for Active Travel in 2018

For those who are eager to discover Myanmar more than just famous destinations in 2018, there are now more choices. From largest lake to the secluded hill stations, these hotspots has something to offer for all active travel :

Kayaking in Indawgyi Lake
Visit Indawgyi which is the largest and the most admirable lake in Myanmar. The most interesting part is, this water body reflects the Noah’s Ark from the Bible, thus its mythical origin. The main attraction of this spot is, the Shwe Myitzu Pagoda.
It’s more like adventure accessing the Pagoda by two sandy walkways in the month of March. Indulge in kayaking staying in the Lonton village, its great for water sports lovers.

Sea Safari in Mergui Archipelago
Mergui is a dream destination for all beach-islands lovers. It has about 800 islands boasting abundance of diving spots, untouched sandy beaches, rich marine park, incredible jungle trails and importantly the archipelago is mostly wild. 
Mergui is one of the hottest travel spots in Myanmar in 2018 - 2019. If you fancy ocean safari, head now before it becomes touristic. 
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Hiking in the Kyaing Tong (Kengtung)
Soak in the royal culture of this town that once belonged to Tai kings. Go there to get the royal smell of the Kyaing Palace and take great photographs. Book your stay in a beautiful hotel that now looks over the quiet Naung Tung Lake. This is located in the middle of the Golden Triangle. Take part in activities like hiking the hills surrounding the lake and get a taste of the local culture.

Trekking in Chin State
The Chin state is full of  colonial red brick churches also stunning nature. The best you can do here is climb up Mt. Victoria, the highest peak and enjoy the sight. Come down to Kanpetlet for tasting Mithun meat and bread in any of the wooden stays. For the ones who love peace, go bird watching there.
If spotting wildlife is not only your sheer interest, you have chances to see the unique Chin hill tribe who had tradition of tattooing their faces. 

Backwaters at Dawei
In Dawei, the enthusiasts can jump down with the waterfalls and watch the sunset while sipping local wine. Dawei is the second best backwater hub in Myanmar after Nyaung Shwe. This place is a must visit because Dawei has wonderful beaches and ancient architecture. In your leisure, take part in cookery classes and learn aromatherapy at Ayinsa Gardens.

The beach Gaw Yan Gyi
Gaw Yan Gyi seats on the edge of a peninsula that bends down into the ‘Bay of Bengal’. The beach on one side houses beer stations and allows fishing boats. The other side is for bathing in clear water. There you will get all types of accommodation, budget and luxury. Enjoy yourself with the locals in the village with a bottle of ‘Grand Royal’ and ‘laphet thoke’.

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