Mergui Archipelago

There are only few places on earth can beat Mergui Archipelago for its wild beaches and untouched islands which promise some of the best holidays in Southeast Asia

Tucked away from the famous travel sites like Yangon or Bagan, Mergui Archipelago and its 800 islands is a destination for a dream trip for travelers who want to unearth the tropical beaches and islands that are still wild in south Myanmar.
The whole area boasts endless potential for private beaches, incredible marine life and lush jungles.  

 mergui archipelago

How and When to Go

To go to Mergui, there are 3 ways. 
- Travel inland Myanmar with a flight from Yangon to Kawthaung, the base for any exploration of Mergui
- Cross Rannong Border gate from Thailand to Myanmar. Check out Thailand Myanmar Border Crossing Guide
- Cruise from Phuket to Andaman Sea
For all of these methods, you will certainly need to apply for a Myanmar Visa and pay entrance fee.

Mergui is best visited during the dry season in Myanmar from November to April when the weather is warm, sunny with cool breeze. If you come for summer time, we strongly suggest you to stay in Kawthaung where there are luxury resorts and possibilities to enjoy day tours to different islands like Horse Shore, Lampi. 

mergui view 

What to do in Mergui Archipelago

Sailing through its islands
The best way to appreciate the beauty of Mergui is to reach its different islands by a cruise or yatch. There are chances to meet the friendly Gypsies at their seaside villages, encounters waterfalls and enjoy the amerald waters of  Andaman Ocean.
The sailing itinerary may vary from 3 to 8 days with different routes and so far, there are only few tour operators offers set departure then you may consider chartering a private boat for you and family. 

There are so many diving points in Mergui showcasing the marine diversity of the under water world. Some of the most favourites diving sites are : Black Rock, Little Torres island, Shark Cave

lampi beach

Kayak and trek in Lampi National Park
Opened to tourism in 1997, Lampi is the only marine national park in Mergui Archipelago. It has over 1000 species of animals, plants and marine life. You will not miss a chance to spot loggerhead, green sea turtles or Wallace`s hawk eagle. 

Diving with the Moken
This unique experience only exists in Mergui ! Local tour operator in Myanmar offers a very interesting way to see the Mergui Gypsies using spears to catch big fishes like a tradition. 


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