Burma Visiting Guide for Australian

Explore the best source of travel information for Australian visitor who plan to experience all the best of Burma for the next holiday

Taking a holiday to Burma is a rewarding experience for Australian. The country is distinctive amongst Asian destination for its fabulous temple landscapes, unspoiled nature and exotic culture. Moreover, it tends to be cheaper than before too.
To start planning your dream trip to Burma, here are some facts and notes you should not miss :

Travel Document

There is no difficulty to obtain Burma visa for Australian. You can simply apply Burma Visa on arrival with all the information mentioned on your passport. You can also visit the Embassy in Canberra which will cost less than visa on arrival.
In case you want to have visa within a day, it is possible too ! Check out Burma fast visa 
There is no need of vacinne and you do need other travel document unless it is a caravan tour or some other special purpose like visiting the areas with permits. 

Time difference

Myanmar and Australia time zone is different for 5,5 hours.
For example : 2.00 am in Australia is 9.30pm. 
The reason why we mention about the time difference is to help you preparing some leisure time to clear the jetlag upon arrival. 

Brief of Culture

Burma is Buddhist oriented country. Though there are other religions coexist in the country but Buddhism have the biggest influence in the local life as well the landscape. This means during your travel there may happen some culture shocks or taboo and it is more likely to relate to religion. 
Some practice :
- Please make sure to cover your knee, shoulder when visiting a temple
- Do not touch other's head
- Women are sometimes are prohibited to visit a certain temple, there is no offence, it is just their own culture !
- You should remove the should when visiting a pagoda too. 
In general, Burmese people are very friendly and very tolerant for culture differences.

Best time to visit

Burma has tropical weather with 2 clear seasons : rainy season and dry season. 
The best is to visit the country in dry season which lasts from November to April. 
The rainy season or summer brings lots of rain every day but it could be a good reason to enjoy cheaper travel expenses. 

What to see in Burma

From north to south, Burma varies largely with rugged mountains, temples, wealthy delta and untouched beaches. These are the top suggestion for Australian who want to uncover all the best of Burma :

Bagan is a must-see in north Myanmar. It is home to over 2,000 temples and considered as the most outstanding heritage of Burma Kingdom. 
Things to enjoy in Bagan includes amazing Balloon flight, temple visits, traditional workshops of lacquer ware and rural market. 
Here is the idea for Bagan 3 days itinerary

Inle Lake
This is the second largest inland lake in Burma. From one side to another along its 22km long, the lake showcase a diverse landscape forming from stilt villages, shimmering pagoda, floating gardens and unique silk weaving village. 
Another experience you should not miss in Inle is its rotating market. 

Manday is the second international city that also welcome oversea flights. It is a busy northern hub with so many things to absorb. While its surrounding are studded by 3  ancient capitals and the city itself also houses the last Royal Palace. 

Mergui Archipelago
Located in south most of Burma, Mergui Archipelago Tours allows you to delve into the azure Andaman waters, untouched beaches. The choice for a sail seems endless with some 800 islands, mostly wild !

Mrauk U
One of the most famous archaeological sites in Asia, Mrauk U is used to be a part of the extended Silk Road linking China and India. It still reflects the glory of Arakan Kingdom through its palaces and timeless pagodas. 
If you are seeking for something special, go to see the Chin hill tribe who has tattooed faces in Mrauk U 

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