Burma Visa for Children

Up to date policy for child visa from governmental authorities. Check out how to make sure your child can travel easily to Myanmar by getting the right information about visa

Traveling with kid to Myanmar means you have to take care of their documents and certainly the passports and visa to make sure there is no trouble upon arrival in the country. This guide will help you with all information you need about Burma Visa for Children :

Visa for Baby
There is no need of visa for Baby since their registration is sticked with the parental passport either mother or father. If you apply visa at any embassy, you should mention the accompany of your baby in the application form.
For evisa or online visa, there is no form to register child`s travel hence it is automatically understood as free visa.

Children Under 7 years Old
There are 2 cases that you should consider :
- If your children have their own passport, then you have to apply Myanmar Visa for them. They do need a separate visa. 
- If your children do not have passport yet and all their information is on your passport then you do not need to obtain visa for them. Again, in this case, please check the form at embassy to mark their travel. If you apply online, please contact us for further consultancy.

Burma Visa For Teenagers
Teenagers must have separate passport then they should prepare all information to get visa like a adult. There is no additional documents. All requirements include: information on passports, travel plan, flight details, arrival ports. 

For any question, please contact our team for further advice.

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