Balloon Bagan Guide and Photos

Amongst all the notable travel experiences of Myanmar, Bagan Balloon is the most desirable one. The Balloon ride is often fully booked during the tourism season for reasons. 

Why Balloon in Bagan
There are many places in Myanmar offering balloon rides but Bagan is the first and most famous places. The reasons come from its exotic temple landscape. Flying on a Balloon basket enables you to capture the whole panorama of the area which are studded by some 2,500 pagodas in temple during the sunrise time.
It brings the best photogenic chances in the area.
Balloon in Bagan reveals not only the temples but also the way the sun breaks the dawn magnificently over temple`s peak and Irrawaddy River.

Balloon Reservation
Traditionally, Balloon flights are operated during the dry season from October to April. Nowadays, in summer, you also can find some flights but it will depends very much on the weather and it could be cancelled at last minute due to rain or wind condition.
There are 3 companies which provide this service including : Balloon Over Bagan, Oriental Balloon, Golden Eagle Balloon 
Balloon Experience includes: hotel/ resort pick up, champaigne tasting, insurance, flight and certificate. Breakfast is not included. The whole experience starts from 5.00am to 9.00 depending on the weather. 

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