Amazing Islands to see in Mergui Archipelago

Mergui Archipelago consists of some 800 islands and to select where to place your stunning beach hopping or oceanic safari is always difficult. Myint, our expert guide suggests some of the most accessible and remarkable islands that every visitors should delve into in Mergui:

Maung Ma Kan Island Group / Maungmagan Kynn
These islands are also known as Mid Miscos, seated in the northernmost part of the Mergui Archipelago. Interestingly, these islands are openly accessible via an owner of a squid boat. Start from the Maungmagan beach and enjoy the 2 hours island tour sailing on a seaworthy boat. The dense jungle, the rugged coastline and the sandy beaches are a treat to the eyes. It’s ideal to take day trips because there is no food or accommodation.

Marcus and Dome Islands
Dome and Marcus are two famous and beautiful tropical Islands one can explore in the Archipelago. Firstly, reach Kala to see the mighty mangroves then sail to Kadan. The Kadan Island houses beautiful small beaches worth exploring.

Myeik Island
Open to all visitors, the Myeik Island seats amazingly in the restricted Mergui Archipelago. The most stunning thing on this island is watching the reclining 72m Buddha and a very big crab farm. Climb up the hilltop pagoda to get an amazing view of the Myeik city and the islands.
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Kau Ye Island
The shape of this island is naturally hook-shaped and it’s just an hour boat ride from Bokpyin. The North West part of the island is home to a 4 km stretch of beach, a sunset spot. Smell the waters by sailing to the East to explore the serene Burmese fishing villages. Bushby Island The main essence of The Mergui Archipelago is named Bushby. Spend some lonely time on the beach, away from everything else. It’s the hub of escapism, an abode to stunning sandy beaches.

Lampi Island, Lanbi Kyun
The best thing about  Lampi Island is it’s the second largest in the Southern archipelago and it’s a natural reserve. Sail to the Northern tip to shake hands with the Sea Gypsies, interesting right? Their wildlife in abundance including flying foxes, barking deer, flying lima, pythons, leatherback turtles, hornbills and elephants.

Red Monkey Island
The Red Monkey Island is ideal for water sports like snorkelling, kayaking and more. For those who love wildlife, this is home to Flying foxes who are busy fluttering their wings and hunting in the evening. It’s a perfect place to be for the enthusiasts with exploration and water sports being the main attractions.

Mac Leod Island
Come and enjoy a stay here at Mac Leod’s Andaman Eco Resort, the only accommodation in the Archipelago. Enjoy the spectacular views hiking the hills near the island and click photos of this awesome place. It’s also a hub for different types of water sports activities.

Island 115
The 115 is a very small island having the finest beaches, the paramount snorkeling spot in Mergui. Don’t ignore due to the small size of this island, it’s a stunning piece of creation.

Cocks Comb Island
Tourists come here to catch a glimpse of the heart-shaped pool in the centre of the island. Reaching the pool by swimming is a fun activity. Book a weekly trip to this island, a must visit spot in the Mergui Archipelago.

Mergui is opening more and more its hidden paradise to travelers. For those who plan to see this stunning area by taking a border crossing from Thailand, you can check the visa run process for 1 day or apply Myanmar Visa for a longer expedition. 

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